179.2. Dur-Demarion at Elmington Park

Elmington Park is a beautiful park on West End Avenue near I-440. On sunny days, people flock to this park to throw frisbee, fly kites, play baseball or soccer and picnic. If you go there on a Sunday, you may get the chance to see The Realm of Dur-Demarion engage in their weekly battle practice. Dur-Demarion is a member of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. They’re dressed up in medieval garb, they have foam swords and shields and they battle it out at Elmington Park. It’s fun to watch and they’re always inviting to newcomers. Two sides of soldiers line up for the fight then start swinging into battle. It’s fast and forceful but the foam weapons minimize potential injury. Pick a spot on the lawn to watch the epic assault or fill out a waiver and jump into the fight.

Dur-Demarion at Elmington Park : Sundays, 12-5pm


179.2. Dur-Demarion at Elmington Park

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