348. Brown's Diner

That saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” fits perfectly for Brown’s Diner. When you drive by, it looks like a dingy trailer and honestly you don’t go to Brown’s for its pretty decor inside either. You go for the delicious burgers and a cold beer at low prices. The burgers are pan grilled and served to order with tomato, onion, mayo and American cheese on a classic bun held together by a toothpick and some pickles. It’s a small place that was originally a trailer with some extra room added in the back with tables and chairs for dining. They sometimes have live music as well. If you want a good, juicy burger in a true dive bar location, the Brown’s will hit the spot.

Monday – Saturday 10:45am-10pm
Sunday 11am-9pm

615.269.5509 Brown’s Diner : 2102 Blair Boulevard : Nashville, TN 37212

348. Brown's Diner

2 thoughts on “348. Brown's Diner

  1. The best dive in Nashville and it never fails to impress visitors with it’s horrible exterior and amazing burgers. Thanks for always pointing out the fun things in Nashville!

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