308. Mas Tacos Por Favor

Mas Tacos serves up some of the best Mexican food in Nashville. It’s fresh, cheap and interesting. Mas Tacos first started as just a food truck but has expanded with a brick and mortar location off McFerrin Street in East Nashville. It’s a hole in the wall restaurant that’s easy to miss but it’s charming with it’s Southwestern decor, cool jukebox, and chalkboard menu. The food truck stops all around town but they post their locations and specials on twitter daily. They offer a variety of tacos like chicken, pulled pork, quinoa and even avocado. Make sure you hit up an ATM before you go though because I believe it’s still cash only.

Tuesday-Friday 11am-8pm
Saturday 11am-3pm

http://twitter.com/#!/mastacos : Mas Tacos Por Favor : 732 McFerrin Street : Nashville, TN 37206



308. Mas Tacos Por Favor

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