52. Love Circle

Love Circle offers one of the best and most unique views of the Nashville skyline. It is a small, empty park that it located at one of the highest points in the city. It has been a quiet, urban escape for Nashvillians for years.

It can get busy up there now, especially when there is an event going on at Mt. Richmore. Even though the activity in the area has increased, it is still worth the trip up there.

Directions: It is probably easier to park on the street somewhere at the bottom of the hill and walk up. Love Circle is located off of West End. From Downtown go out of town on West End, take a left on Orleans, right on Acklen, and left on Love Circle.

52. Love Circle

4 thoughts on “52. Love Circle

  1. ..... says:

    The last time I went to Love circle, there were a fair number of people there watching the sunset and enjoying the skyline. The Police arrived and apologetically informed us that it was no longer a public access area and was now owned by the Nashville City Waterworks and that they would arrest anyone if they didn’t leave or if they caught anyone there again. As those of us from Nashville know, the original donation of the land carried a stipulation that Love Circle would always be a public access area. The city of Nashville has been fighting this from the beginning of the donation of the land which is why we have power stations and communications towers on public access land. Where is the loophole? How did the powers that be shut down a public access area that should not even belong to the city if it is not, in fact, a public access area. This land should now revert back to Mr. Love’s family or public access should be restored.

  2. A. Owsley says:

    My husband used to sit and play our guitars there when dating and it is where he proposed to me. We’ve been married now for 11 years and I wondered if people were still able to enjoy this spot. This land should be kept for public enjoyment in keeping with the donator’s wishes.

  3. sadaboutit says:

    my friend and i got booked for criminal trespassing last spring (2012). they not give us a warning, & immediately we had a class C misdemeanor on our hands. we were just enjoying life and the view.

    i now dont even know if i should ever risk going up to seeing such a great view, & my boyfriend and I went up there when we were first dating, and i would love to go again…

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