48. The Dog of Nashville

The owner is from Chicago where the hot dog is a way of life. He has brought the art from his hometown to Nashville.

Located in Hillsboro Village, The Dog Of Nashville features a large selection of specialty hot dogs. This is not your regular hot dog that anyone can make. The Dog of Nashville fixes your hot dog up a variety of ways (steamed, deep fried, or char-grilled) with even more choices of toppings.

A must try is the “Diet Starts Tomorrow Dog.” This hot dog is deep fried, bacon wrapped, and covered in cheese. Another one that is a favorite is the “Rise and Shine Dog”, a bacon wrapped dog with melted cheese and a fried egg.

They have a spacious patio for outdoor seating which is definitely a plus as we are all getting spring fever.

Hours are 11am to 9pm, seven days a week.

http://www.thedogofnashville.com : 2127 Belcourt Avenue : Nashville, TN 37212

48. The Dog of Nashville

2 thoughts on “48. The Dog of Nashville

  1. I will have to store this quick writeup and come back to read all the links you have listed as not enough time in the day to sit long enough to read them all at one sitting. So far a great resource page so thank you for that. cheers

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