39. Robert's Western World

Lower Broadway sometimes gets a bad reputation from locals as being nothing but tourists. If you have not ventured down to this area in awhile, then I can tell you that this is far from the truth. Downtown Nashville is rapidly becoming a hotspot for locals as well. If you have not been down there in some time, I recommend giving it a try.

Robert’s Western World is located downtown on the strip of places on Lower Broadway. This place offers simple, no frills fun. If you are a fan of old school country then the live music of Brazilbilly and Don Kelley are not to be missed. They get the crowd up and making use of the dance floor. Cheap beer and good music have made Robert’s a staple of Lower Broadway for years.

While you are there take advantage of the recession special. A PBR, fried bologna sandwich, chips, and a Moon Pie all day everyday for only $5.

All ages are welcome before 10pm, but after that you must be 21 to stay.

http://www.robertswesternworld.com : 416 Broadway : Nashville, TN 37203

39. Robert's Western World

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