18. Bluebird Cafe

We have not written about the many incredible places in Nashville to hear live music yet. We will start today with the first of a long list of the many great venues in Nashville.

I am always amazed to hear how many people that live in Nashville have never been to the Bluebird Cafe. What started out as a restaurant with a small stage for people to occasionally listen to live music, soon became the place to play. Some of the biggest names in music and the greatest songwriters have passed through those doors.

It is still the cozy and intimate atmosphere that has made it so popular. Because of this, reservations are a must. They have a schedule on their website of who is playing, but you never know who is going to be invited on stage. One show I went to, Jim Peterik (think “Eye of the Tiger” fame) got up to play with a friend.

There is usually a cover and a minimum purchase, but it is worth it. If you have never been, plan an evening to go and see where so many legends have been discovered (and see the next singer/songwriter legend before they become famous).

http://www.bluebirdcafe.com : 4104 Hillsboro Pike : Nashville, TN 37215

18. Bluebird Cafe

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