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In 2010, our friend Andrew Terrell ( started this blog in an attempt to learn more about and then share all the amazing things Nashville has to offer. The task became difficult to do alone and in May of 2010, he asked that we help him out.

365-music-logoWe offered 365 Things to Do in Nashville – twice. For the third year, we decided to change it up a bit and do 365 Days of Music. In the fourth year, we went back to 365 Things to Do. And now, as we move into our 5th year, we venture into Nashville’s amazing culinary culture. Each day of the year, we share a specific dish, drink, or complete meal with you. With so many fantastic restaurants in Music City, we have a feeling (a hungry feeling) this is going to be a tasty experience.

Please enjoy and feel free to contact us at with any suggestions, comments or questions. Thanks!365MealsLogo

104 responses to “The Story

  1. Angie Brown

    One place that seems to get missed quite often (unless you are in 4th grade studying Tennessee history) is the State Museum in the Polk building downtown. Free admission and great exhibits detailing Tennessee’s incredible history.

  2. April

    I’m curious if you have a full list somewhere that you’re going by or you just plan on posting things that are typical for the day.

    My fiance and I are spending our anniversary in Nashville and it would be nice to know some things we can do on those days.

    You have a great idea here.

  3. How about the art scene? Art by the Glass is a great Nashville night out!

  4. Andrew, Don’t forget about us at Robert’s Western World. Every Friday Saturday nights PBR and Fried Balogna sandwiches – Brazilbilly playing…buying boots off the wall – good ol’ traditional country music in a legendary Nashville Honky Tonk! Sunday morning gospel music and spaghetti westerneers at 2:30pm. Check out our new website for more info. – We also have a new Honky Tonk Chauffeurs service – a personalized Nashville tour! Great job on the success of your 365 site!

  5. Love the 365 idea! Just wanted to give you a heads up that the 41st Nashville Film Festival will be April 15-22. 2010 at the Green Hills Regal Cinema. Not only will there be tons of films, but it’s also great for speakers, panels, parties, red carpet arrivals, and celebrity sightings!

  6. Shannon

    Great idea! I’m a local and still am amazed by all the stuff out there to do that I’m just finding out about. I love being a tourist in my own town. Thanks for doing this!

  7. darlene love

    How about Las Paletas popsicles? Even in winter they are a treat and an adventure!!

  8. This is a very cool thing to do! It would be great if you featured Oyster Easter in the near future. It’s been a Nashville tradition since 1962. visit for more info. This year it’s on April 3rd. I hope you will come out to this great party / fundraiser!

  9. Julie

    I am enjoying your event selections!

    As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, please include the CROF Performance by the Nashville Irish Step Dancers! This year their performance, Celtic Rhythms On Fire, will be on Saturday, March 6th at 7:00pm and Sunday, March 7th at 2:00pm at the Texas Troubadour Theatre (2416 Music Valley Dr.). For more infomation, check out their website:

  10. B.

    Check out Bad Karma, one of nation’s #1 airsoft fields. More specifically, Noob Day is coming up on March 20. There will be vendors on site with available gun rentals such as Nashville Airsoft (assuming I’m understanding this right). You may need to make your rental reservation ahead of time, though. There’s a ton of info on their website and message boards. Definitely worth a look!

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  12. What about horseback riding in Nashville? A Cowboy Town ( offers horseback riding all year, in addition to other fun activities!

  13. Great website with awesome stuff to do in Nashville!

  14. The Commodore Grille , 42 year old music venue located in the Holiday Inn West End Ave. Nashville . Never a cover and always a room full of Nashville songwriters and artist. This place has been a music tradition in tow for a long time. Located across from the Parthenon. Shows start at 7pm nightly. till midnight. from steaks to seafood, full menu and great prices.

  15. What Horse?

    Don’t forget Steeplechase 2010!

    Check out my blog at for everything you need to know about the chase.

  16. Heather

    I’ve never been here but came across it while looking for family things to do in the area!

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  18. Check out Bad Karma, one of nation’s #1 airsoft fields. More specifically, Noob Day is coming up on March 20. There will be vendors on site with available gun rentals such as Nashville Airsoft (assuming I’m understanding this right). You may need to make your rental reservation ahead of time, though. There’s a ton of info on their website and message boards. Definitely worth a look!

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  20. amanda

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  22. Aaron

    I love the idea of this site and have been checking it daily for the past 3-4 months. I live about an hour away from Nashville and visit about once a week or so and always make sure to check the site before I go for suggestions on where to eat lunch or dinner. You’ve helped me find some of my favorite places in Nashville.

    What happens once you get to 365?

    • aschepman

      Hey Aaron,

      I’m so happy you have enjoyed this site! It’s been a lot of fun exploring the city where I grew up in a new light. As for your question, it’s a good one! I guess it depends on a variety of factors like if the readership is still interested in the site. So, I guess we’ll have to see!

      • Aaron

        Ah, new question… I noticed it the first time I saw the site, but does the little smiley face in the top right corner mean anything or was it done just for fun? or did you know it was there?

      • aschepman

        Hey Aaron,

        I have noticed the little smiley face. I think it’s just apart of the blog background when we chose it. Not really sure how to get rid of it!

  23. Nifty, thanks for posting!

  24. Kelly

    as one of the many transplants to Nashville, I love this site. I especially appreciate free or low cost activities, and would suggest adding a day dedicated to disc (frisbee) golf. My husband and I started doing it after getting tired of paying greens fees. Its lots of fun, and the crowd is much more diverse than I ever would have thought!

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  95. Annie

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