54.3. Mazes at Adventure Science Center

The so-very-cool Adventure Science Center is opening a new exhibit on May 11 to run through September 2. Mazes. 3-D puzzles and full-body games cover 3800 square feet with more than 60 puzzle experiences. Maze of Illusions! – now, that just sounds cool. Web Maze – not web like internet, web like web of ropes. Make-A-Maze – enough said. Mathematica Maze, Color Maze, Headlong Maze, Marble Maze, History of Mazes Gallery, Brain Teaser Puzzle Tables, Labyrinthian Library (what?!), Giant Tower of Hanoi, and even a fine art gallery that has five huge maze artworks that you can actually touch to solve. Take the kids or leave them at home and have all the fun yourself. Sounds like a great time.



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One response to “54.3. Mazes at Adventure Science Center

  1. Ellen Bloomfield

    Great! We can talk about it Sunday.

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