324. Nashville’s Music City Name

We all know Music City is synonymous with Nashville. It’s been that way for quite a long time. Back in the 1870s, the Fisk Jubilee Singers went on a world tour to raise money for their school. They performed for Queen Victoria, who was so delighted with their performance, she said she was sure they had come from a “musical city”. That’s where it began. Fast-forward nearly 80 years. David Cobb is an ¬†announcer on WSM (broadcast home of the Grand Ole Opry). He first used the name Music City USA in a 1950 broadcast and continued to use it. It stuck! Now it’s all over the place. In company names, on t-shirts, in articles, signs, websites, everywhere. And it’s quite fitting, don’t you think? How else could we so easily come up with 365 Days of Music in MUSIC CITY?



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2 responses to “324. Nashville’s Music City Name

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    #TheMoreYouKnow Thanks Fisk and Queen Victoria (weirdly enough)

  2. The twelfth annual Music City Brewers Festival was another big success. Despite the sudden overwhelming growth in the number of beer festivals in Nashville, including three new ones to be held in the next seven weeks, the original stood strong and sold out the allotted 7,500 tickets over the two session event.


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