22. Jimi Hendrix Learned to Play in Nashville

Many people don’t know this, but the legendary Jimi Hendrix really learned to play and hone his skills on the guitar right here in Music City. He was stationed at nearby Fort Campbell and was discharged in 1962. Hendrix waited for his Army buddy and bassist Billy Cox to get out and together they came down the road to Nashville to form their first band – King Kasuals. King Kasuals became the house band of the now-gone Club Del Morocco (the owner of which ended up bailing the two out of jail after a Civil Rights demonstration downtown!). Hendrix played at so many of the clubs in Printers Alley and along Jefferson Street – places where the likes of Etta James and James Brown were performing. Hendrix took his guitar everywhere in Nashville – on the bus, to the store, on a walk. Nashville is where he really developed his guitar playing. He said so himself: “That’s where I learned to play really…Nashville.”

We all know that Jimi Hendrix eventually left Nashville for New York City and then on to London to end up being one of the most influential musicians in history. But we still feel his influence here in Nashville. He has a star on the Music City Walk of Fame.


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2 responses to “22. Jimi Hendrix Learned to Play in Nashville

  1. I hadn’t heard that before. I’d read that Jimi Hendrix had started out playing rhythm guitar for famous artists before going solo.

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