233.3. Rich Guzzi Psycho Hypnosis Show

It’s the kind of night you’ll never forget – or never remember, if you’re one of his hypnosis subjects. Rich Guzzi is part standup comic, part master hypnotist. He’s playing Zanies this Halloween weekend (and almost all Halloween weekends). He does 18+ shows for some clean, yet adult, comedy. He’s also doing a 13+ show so the older kids can come and laugh. Volunteers are asked to the stage to get hypnotized. The audience watches, and laughs, as Guzzi leads them into hysterically funny actions.


Rich Guzzi Psycho Hypnosis Show : October 28-30, 2011.
Zanies Comedy Club : 2025 8th Avenue South, 37204

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One response to “233.3. Rich Guzzi Psycho Hypnosis Show

  1. Ive been to a few comedy hypnotist shows, they have all been great…. Allthough i hate being a volunteer, it was still funny though!

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